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Dirt Or Us is able to offer you a wide variety of services all rolled up into just one cleaning service so with us on your side, it would eliminate the need for multiple contracts. Not only are we able to handle even the smallest task such as changing a light bulb, but are also able to provide you with services such as window and window treatment cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and all of your floor care needs. We are able to bring back to life and maintain all of your VCT, linoleums, and ceramic floors by stripping, sealing and waxing. In addition, we are able to burnish the finish as needed to maintain a high gloss luster. Now servicing Greater Keene, NH. Learn more.

For carpet and upholstery cleaning, use a truck mount steam-cleaning system coupled with a rotary jet extractor, which is equivalent to several passes with a standard wand. This results in a deeper, more thorough cleaning of your carpets. We also provide shampooing and bonnet cleanings for the lighter, more frequent cleaning of your traffic areas. We also provide a Dry Foam cleaning for all your delicate, and usually expensive upholstered furniture.

Specializing in banks and offices, Dirt Or Us also maintains the OUTSIDE of your building to include such things as scheduled cleaning of your ATM machines, drive-up teller windows and night depositories. We will wash them down and do a general clean up of all trash in the areas to ensure the outside appearance is as beautiful as the inside!

Although most of our work is done after hours, as our client, we would make ourselves available to you 24 hours a day by providing you with all of our contact information as well as emergency phone numbers should you need to speak to someone regarding a more immediate question and/or concern. In addition, you would also be provided with a communication log for be left onsite for your convenience in which you may leave special notes or instructions for our crew upon arrival. This guarantees that we are always able to take care of your specific needs as they arise and have had many clients offer positive feedback regarding this method of communication.

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